Simply phone or email our team! You can contact us on 07 5436 6105 or and we’ll book you into the next viewing or schedule an appointment that suits you.

You can apply for a rental property once you have viewed it with a member of our team. Applying is easy and can be done through our website and Form 1 or alternatively we can send you a paper application to complete and email back to us.

Once you have been approved you will need to secure the property by paying a deposit equal to your first 2 weeks rent within 24 hours and receipt emailed to our office.

Our team will then schedule a time for you to sign a lease agreement on the property, pay your bond equal to 4 weeks rent and also pick up the keys.

The bond which is equal to 4 weeks rent is paid to our office before collecting the keys to the property. We then send your bond with your signed bond lodgement form to the Residential Tenancies Authority in Brisbane within 10 days.

The Residential Tenancies Authority then holds this money in trust until you have vacated the property.

 Simply email our team at or complete a maintenance form on this website.

Please ensure you provide as much detail as you can and preferably attach a photo if you can. 

When you break your lease you will need to notify our office in writing to with the date you are wanting to vacate the property and pay any upfront fees associated with breaking the lease so we can start advertising for an new tenant. You will also need to sign a break lease agreement with our office.

You will be responsible for the re-let fee equal to 1 weeks rent + GST, advertising fee and also compensation to the owner being rent until the date a new tenant can move in.

We will contact you 2 – 3 months before your lease expires to see if you would like to renew the lease or let you know if the owner requires you to vacate the property.

If you would like to renew the lease, you will need to sign a new lease agreement that will be provided by our office and return it in the prescribed time frame.

We will inspect the property you rent every 3-4 months. You will receive an entry notice a minimum of 7 days before the inspection.

You will need to notify our office in writing that you will be vacating the property and provide a minimum of 14 days clear notice.

The Notice of Intention to Leave form can be downloaded from this website or we can email or post it to you upon request.

Once you have vacated the property we will inspect the property within 3 business days. From there we can start the bond refund process.

You will need to provide your bank details to our office and/or the Residential Tenancies Authority and they will refund direct to your account.